Celia Simmons

A noted author


General Information
|Investigator name: Celia Anne Simmons (nee Wilson) |Sex: |Female|
|Occupation: | Author || Age: |26|
|Collage:| Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford University ||Degrees:|Bachelor of Arts in Literature |
|Birthplace:|Cardiff, Wales| |Mental Disorders:| None

Characteristics & Rolls:

  • STR 10
  • CON 12
  • SIZE 08
  • DEX 12
  • APP 14
  • SAN 45
  • INT 21
  • POW 9
  • EDU 15
    Idea 105
    Luck 45
    Know 75
    Damage bonus(None)
    Cthulhy Mythos (99)
    Magic Points(9)
    Hit Points (10)
    Investigator Skills:
    Literary Arts 85
    Bargain 35
    Conceal 25
    Credit Rating 35
    Dodge 24
    Fast Talk 50
    History 55
    Library Use 75
    Listen 45
    Locksmith 26
    Other Language : French 41
    Other Language: Welsh 15
    English 75
    Persuade 57
    Psychology 20
    Sneak 30
    Spot hidden 67
    Swim 35

Cecelia Wilson was born into a higher middle class family, the daughter of Dr. Reginald Wilson. She has three sisters and 2 brothers. She was the odd ball of her family. Since she was little she had a love for books, and literature. When she was 17 she was accepted into Lady Margaret Hall at Oxford. She did well in school, and while there she met a dashing young man by the name of Christopher Simmons. He enjoyed the love of the written arts as much as she did. It was not long before they were married, but sadly he was drafted into the war. She worked as a librarian and personal tutor while her husband was away at war. Sadly one day 2 soldiers arrived at her door with a telegram. Her beloved Christopher had been killed in France.
Her grief over her husband caused her to withdraw into herself. Her only comfort was her writings and her books. One of her colleagues happened across one of her manuscripts and suggested she publish it. On a whim she tried, and it turned out to be a best seller.
It wasn’t long before her fans and her publisher was hounding her for more stories. She went on to write 2 more books, and was in the middle of researching her 3rd when she was working in some of the library’s older texts when she swore she heard a voice. Not just any voice but that of her late husband. She followed it until she came to a tattered book with odd symbols on it. She was about to open it when a man came running up to her knocking her to the floor. The book fell open on the floor. As Cecelia turned around to tell the man off, she saw him look into the book. He began to scream and squirm on the floor. Until he began to burn from the inside out.
Cecelia began to scream. Her screams brought help but not before the man was consumed by the flames.
The aid that arrived turned their attention to the man but ignored her. In fear she tossed her sweater over the book, and hid it in the scuffle. Not sure what happened she went in search of an explanation. It wasn’t long before she had the book wrapped in thick cloth, and walking in the doors of the Cabalistic Order of the Crescent Moon.
Since then she has been using the stories of her fellows as fantasy fodder for stories, and worked as a researcher for the Order.

Celia Simmons

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