Doctor James MacNeil

Retired Doctor of Psychiatry

General Information
Investigaor Name: James MacNeil
Occupation: Doctor of Psychiatry
Sex: Male
Age: 63
Colleges, Degrees: Oxford University, M.D.
Birthplace: Cardiff, Wales
Mental Disorders: None
Characteristics & Rolls:
STR 12 DEX 13 INT 18 Idea 90
CON 13 APP 09 POW 14 Luck 70
SIZ 08 SAN 70 EDU 22 Know 110
Damage bonus (None) Cthulhy Mythos (99)
Magic Points (14) Hit Points (11)
Investigator Skills:
Accounting 10% Mechanical Repair 20%
Anthropology 01% Medicine 50%
Archaeology 01% Natural History 30%
Art 05% Navigate 10%
Astronomy 01% Occult 40%
Bargain 05% Operate Hvy. Machine 01%
Biology 31% Other Language 01%
Chemistry 01% French 41%
Climb 40% Latin 32%
Conceal 15% Own Language (EDUx5)
Credit Rating 75% English 110%
Cthulhu Mythos 00% Persuade 15%
Dodge (DEXx2) 26% Pharmacy 46%
Drive Auto 40% Photography 35%
Electrical Repair 10% Physics 01%
Fast Talk 05% Pilot 01%
First Aid 60% Boat 31%
Geology 01% Psychoanlysis 83%
Hide 10% Psychology 82%
History 20% Ride 05%
Jump 25% Sneak 10%
Law 05% Spot hidden 25%
Library Use 55% Swim 25%
Listen 45% Throw 25%
Locksmith 01% Track 10%
Martial Arts 01%
Handgun 20%
Machine Gun 15%
Rifle 25%
Shotgun 30%
Submachine Gun 15%
Hand To Hand Weapons:
Attack Skill% Attack Damage Attacks/Round Hit Points
Fist/Punch 50% 1D3-db 1
Head Butt 10% 1D4+db 1
Kick 25% 1D6+db 1
Grapple 25% special 1

Born in 1865, Doctor James MacNeil dedicated the majority of his life to his wife Eloise, and to the advancement of mental health. Never satisfied with the idea of settling into a practice and living out an eternity of one-hour appointments, James preferred consulting with various mental health facilities researching England’s most disturbed patients in an attempt to determine the limits of the human psyche. At the age of thirty-five, pressured by family and society, James married Eloise Parker, a tragically plain looking twenty-seven year old woman whose family was in financial ruin. Although he did not love her, he enjoyed her company and made certain that she enjoyed a life of comfort.

In 1910, Eloise began to suffer from spells of exhaustion and confusion that slowly descended into bedridden dementia. She eventually passed away in the summer of 1913 leaving their fourteen-year old son Timmothy to be raised by the kind staff at the best boarding school that money could buy. James retired a few years early and spent the next 6 years isolated in his country estate.

In the summer of 1919, he met Tom Keene, a twenty-six-year-old, not-so-handy, handyman. Tom had returned from The War and was in desperate need for work, so James hired him to paint his home. Enjoying Tom’s company he continued to employ him with various home repairs that had been neglected over the years. The two became especially close friends and Tom eventually moved into the estate under the guise of becoming James’ live-in aid. Now the two of them travel throughout Europe avoiding the judgment of the local community while investigating the secrets of the occult as members of the Cabalistic Order of the Crescent Moon.

While in London, James prefers to stay the Hotel Russell

Doctor James MacNeil

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